Pickles and Maria Gorda

Pickles and Maria Gorda team up for a hat collection that promises to change winter!

Photoshoot Pickles and Maria Gorda

The new partnership between Maria Gorda and Pickles invites you to bring the energy of hot days to winter, fake the sun, and proves that children can also use caps and bucket hats this season .

Making a child wear a hat has never been so easy and cool as with this new collection that comes from the partnership between Maria Gorda and Pickles . The line, integrated in the Unwinter ® theme of Maria Gorda 's autumn/winter, takes on the collection's concept of changing the season, stripping winter of all its prejudices, bringing life and sun to the coldest days, reinforcing the power of a hat compose any outfit , at any time of the year.

Bordeaux unwinter Pickles x Maria Gorda cap

The Maria Gorda x Pickles bucket hats and caps collection can be found for sale exclusively at the Maria Gorda online store. and in the physical store in Campo de Ourique.

unwinter pickles x maria gorda collection